Casino Craps: Overview for the Novice Player

The game of craps is among the most exciting and engaging casino games today. No matter you would like to play online or in a land based casinos you can surely do that. When you play online you can even get welcome bonuses.  Get free $10 spins at spinpalace casino right now. Ever watched a movie depicting people in Las Vegas in a casino surrounding a table, and everyone seems to be yelling and celebrating?  They must have been playing craps.  The game in itself is not complex per se, but a first time player may want to have a small notebook to jot down what steps to take and know how to play the game.  Once you have mastered the rules of gameplay, you can join a game in any casino and start having the kind of fun you never thought gambling could bring.

The basics about Craps

The simplest way craps can be defined is that it is a game of betting on a dice roll.  The game offers different options for players to place bets and combined bets but the bottom line is that they are betting on what numbers they think the next dice roll will have facing up.  If the bets are correct, the players win and the house loses.  The players take turns rolling the dice and every time a new player rolls it marks the beginning of a new round.  A round is over when a player rolls the dice and the totals showing on the top face of the dice is 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12.  If the total the player gets after rolling the dice is anything aside from these numbers, then the player will roll the dice again.

The Point

If the round is not over, the player rolls the dice again and if the next score is not 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12, it’s known as a ‘Point number’.  When a player gets a point number, they get a chance to roll the dice again.  The round ends when the player hits a 7, the point or the numbers that end a round.  There are dozens of different ways to pace bets in craps that only seasonal players can master all, some are simple while others are more complex.  Here are some of the simple bets you should consider playing the next time you are at the casino.

The Bets

  • Betting on totals: This is betting on what the final totals of the dice will be when the round ends. This is the simplest bet in craps and is most recommended for newbies.
  • Betting on totals before 7: The player can guess what the totals of the dice will be before a 7 shows up.  If the round ends on a point, you lose.  Simply put, it is a 50/50 kind of bet.
  • Pass or Don’t Pass bet: When it’s the player’s turn to roll the dice, they bet on what number the initial roll will be.  Making a pass line bet means it’ll be a 7 or 11 and making a Don’t pass bet means you are guessing it will be 2, 3 or 12.