Terms and Conditions

1. Liability Limitations

Users expressly comprehend and approve that the website shall not be liable for the indirect, special, direct, incidental, eventual or admonitory losses, damages, loss in business, good will, data, use or other impalpable loss (even if the website editor has been advised about such losses earlier) that results due to the 1) Use of the service or inability to use it 2) The expense for obtaining substitute services or good that results from the transactions which is entered through the services (3) Any illegal access or alteration of data transmitted by users. 4) Statements or behavior of 3rd parties using this service or 5) any other issue which relates to service usage.

In some regions, it is not allowed to restrict liability and hence such restrictions might not be applicable to the users in those jurisdictions.

2. Rights Reservations

The website editor holds all the authorities of a site editor which is inclusive of but not restricted to all copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents or any IPR(Intellectual proprietary rights) that the website editor might have for the website, its materials, and the services and products that might be offered by it. The usage of the rights of the website editor and the properties require the prior approval of the site editor. By using the services which are offered to them, the website editor is not offering the users with any express or implied rights or licenses, and they will have no rights for any commercial usage of the website or its services without getting express written approval from the site editor.

3. Intimation of Copyright violation

If the users believe that their property has been made use in such way that it could be considered as violation of copyrights or a violation of IPR, the website editor’s copyright agent can be contacted through email-id [email protected]

4. Relevant laws:

Users approve that the terms and conditions and any issue arising due to the website usage or the products and services of the website editor is governed by the local laws in action where the headquarter of the owner of this site is present, disregarding its conflict of law provisions. By registering and making use of this web site and its services, users consent and accede to the undivided jurisdiction and locale of the central office of the proprietor of this web site.

5. Supplementary Info

In case, the terms and conditions presented here is contradictory with any law under which any provision can be considered illegal by any court with jurisdiction over the parties, such provisions will be considered to reflect the actual intents of the parties in relation with relevant laws and the rest of these terms and conditions shall remain intact and legally valid. 2) The failure of any of the parties to affirm their rights under these terms and conditions cannot be considered as a discharge of that party’s rights and that right will stay in full effect after that.