Percentage plays on Bingo

The best poker players measured over a long enough period of time are the percentage players. This doesn’t necessarily mean these are players who never go all-in, merely that they’re the ones who do so when the percentage odds are stacked in their favour.
If you play any game of chance over a long enough period of time, the probability is all that matters – so the only way you can win is by stacking the probabilities in your favour if you play long enough.
Of course, what keeps the punters flooding in on the other side of this probability “fence” is the chance to blow the stats out of the water with a big win. And this does happen, and is always well-publicised. Otherwise, the punters wouldn’t keep coming back. So, for example, it makes no statistical sense whatsoever to purchase a National Lottery ticket – but the prospect of a life-changing win is simply too great to resist in return for a small expenditure, and the game goes on and on …
But there are a few instances in life where you can have the opportunity for a life-changing win and stack the odds in your favour. And, perhaps surprisingly to many, this comes in the shape of online Bingo.
That’s because some of the biggest and best online Bingo sites not only have welcome bonuses for new members – they also have huge progressive jackpots as well. One of the best in this regard is the UK’s fastest-growing Bingo provider, site made famous by its TV ads featuring the Queen of Bingo, a.k.a. actress Babs Windsor.
Bingo sites usually provide £30 worth of account money for all new members who deposit £10 to play. The site also makes clear on its Bingo home page the current progressive jackpots available amongst its many different Bingo games. So you can stack the odds in your favour with the simultaneous potential for a truly life-changing win as the jackpots run to several hundreds of thousands of pounds – and even over a million pounds in some instances.
So online casinos really have the potential to live up to its name for new players in particular. What’s more, the games are fun to play anyway. So why not have a little fun and dream about what you could do with a million pounds?