Poker Terminology

Ambique: A French game which influenced the draw variation in poker.

Bounty: Some tournaments offer smaller amounts of cash to players who knock out an opponent in the tournament.

Chop: When the blinds are given back to the players who first posted them before the next hand is played.

Double Header: (1) A pot which is not won that passes on to the next deal. (2) A second game following an earlier one.

Early Bet: A tiny bet which is placed after the initial card in a particular stud or in a draw the first two cards.

False Riffle: A riffle used by a cheater to keep the stacked cards undisturbed after shuffling.

Good Player: A player extracting maximum profits from the game.

Hokum: A stud variation with an option to get cards placed face-up or down.

Inside Straight: A broken sequence of four different cards, like three, five, six, seven.

Knock Poker: Draw poker which has rummy drawing.

Limit Stakes: Poker that has maximum bets and raises as decided by the house rules.

Match It: Five-card game with player's hole card turning to wild if it is matched by an up card.

New York Stud: Five-card game in which a four flush would beat a pair

Open Blind: (1) To open the game without looking at the cards. (2) A forced game opening.

Pineapple Hold 'em: A hold 'em poker variation which involves three hole cards and a discarding card.

Public Poker: A game of Poker which is played in card rooms that are public and in gambling casinos where the pots won by players are cut for the profit of the establishment

Re-buy: Re- buy is what a player would do to purchase more chips before leaving the game and quitting

Roll or Rolled Card (Rolling, Rolling Up): A face-down card or cards which are turned up one at a time, generally with a betting round after every exposure

Seven-Card Stud or Seven-Toed Pete: A Stud poker game which is played where there are three hole cards with a player and four cards on the table which are exposed

Shove Them Along: Five-card game in which every player has the choice to keep the first up card given to him or to give it to the player sitting on his left (Take It or Leave It).

Tie: Two hands that are of equal value. The pot is generally divided between ties that win.

Two-Card Poker: Any poker game that has the rule that the best two cards would win the pot

Walk: To walk means when a player stays away from a table for a long enough time to miss his hands once or more times

Wired (Back-to-Back): A pair, trips, or four of a kind hand dealt one after the other in a hand ... generally in a stud hand which starts with the first card.