Poker Card Game Rule Basics

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Texas Hold’em Poker Rules

To learn the poker card game rule is not complicated, especially if it is Texas Holdem poker. Almost all popular poker variants are played with a 52 card deck and poker table can seat from 2 to 10 gamblers. The game starts with two players placing the blinds. Then two cards are dealt face-down to each poker player at the table, these cards are called hole cards. In Pre-flop betting the gambler next to the big blind is to make bet first. This gambler may leave the play or stay in the hand, in case he/she stays the big blind is called or raised. If there were no raises and reraises pre-flop round ends by the “big blind” which may check, call the raise if needed, or make re-raise. The betting is ended as soon as all players wager the equal amount of money to the pot.

These days the concept of the implied odds is used almost in kinds of the poker games and especially it is used widely in the game of the Texas Hold'em.

In the Flop three community cards are drawn on the table. The poker players evaluate their cards and start the next round of betting. It is followed by the Turn and River, in which two community cards appear one by one. Every card dealing is followed by the round of betting. All five community cards at the table can be used by all the poker players to make their poker hands. The player who obtains the best hand in accordance with the poker hand rankings wins the pot. It may happen that two hands tie, in this case the pot is divided. In Texas Holdem poker the gamblers have chance to play the board which means that they may use all five community cards to make their hands.

Texas Hold’em with the No-Limit betting structure is the most popular poker version. Not like in the other games the poker players may wager as much as they wish at any time. That is why All-in betting option is available in this poker game. According to the poker card game rule, it means that the player can bet all chips he or she has. Of course, it is quite risky, however most advanced gamblers prefer No-Limit Holdem poker as the best chance to apply their playing skills and win big.

Omaha Poker Card Game Rule

When you know the poker card game rule of Holdem you are ready to play Omaha poker since the rules of these poker variations are very similar. Omaha game is also played through the set of rounds of betting that are the pre-flop, the flop, turn and river. In the showdown the hands are shown and the game pot is awarded. The only peculiarity of Omaha poker is that instead of two hole cards the poker players are given four hidden cards two of which they are to use in their hand. So just three of the community cards can be used to make the poker hand. All the other points in poker card game rule do not differ at all.

Seven-Card Stud Poker

Seven Card Stud game starts with the antes posting. Then every gambler receives three cards, two of them are face down and one card - face-up. The second deal is one face-up card that is followed by betting round. This is repeated two times till the card appears face-down. As a result during the whole game every poker player receives three face down and four face up cards and any five of these cards may be used to create the player’s hand. The ranks of the hands in Seven-Card Stud are the same like in Texas Hold’em and Omaha. In fact these poker hand rankings are considered to be the standard in the basic poker card game rule. In some game variations Joker and Five of a Kind are applied.

Caribbean Stud Rules

In Caribbean Stud the gamblers play against the dealer’s hand. The game action starts with the ante bets placing. The poker players then get five face down cards. The dealer gets five card as well although one of these cards is dealt exposed. The gamblers check what their chances are and whether it is better to forfeit the hand or stay in play. In order to continue the play the gambler has to wager, that means that the player raises as he or she posts the amount equal to the ante amount. To win the player’s hand has to beat the dealer’s hand, in addition, the dealer’s poker hand has to qualify. It means to get Ace and King or higher. In case the dealer does not qualify the player is paid out even money and his or her raise wager is returned. As the poker card game rule states the gamblers can make not obligatory bet on obtaining flush or better. In case of royal flush the gambler gets the progressive jackpot.

Other games

Among other games there are Three-Card Poker which is played with three cards hands; Lei it Ride poker which is in fact the variant of stud poker card game rule played with three hole or pocket and two community cards; two-hand Pai Gow poker which is the Americanized variation of Chinese card game. Some of the games are played in High Low variations, this means that two hands, the highest and lowest, win the pot, thus the game pot is split. Still, most players prefer Hi poker version played with community cards and blind bets.